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Hands on Material design

On a year 2014 Android featured phones got sleeker looks. This happened of the UI shift to Google’s developed Material design. Not only the smart things have gained this looks, but also the whole web platform got the Angular Material project which is an implementation of Material Design in Angular.js.

I’m very happy to work with a webapps developers on this technologies. In this project web app was skinned as a native app. Working with highly professional team also enforced using Github, branching and merging process, Gulp task engine and Firebase deployment.

material-design for app

New website for Pegasas ir partneriai

What is the value of a website in the business? Lots of companies find this very complicated. What it should look like, what purpose should it serve, how to make it actually work 24/7?

With “Pegasas ir partneriai” we’ve done simple but effective research. Who the website users are, why they are searching for services, what is value content, what is considered for website doing its job? After series questions and answers, simple and single page website has grew into a modern responsive website with clear communication.
Pegasas website

Bootstrapping vehicle management system

As BCE is migrating from desktop app to web app along comes demand for the web UX design. So the Webapp gets Bootstrap based user friendly design.

This project is also a big challenge.

  • Friendly UI design
  • Angular JS and Bootstrap webapp scaffolding scheme
  • Sass styling
  • Grunt enabled design, and asset generation process
  • Extra icons via custom webfont
  • Complex UI processes solutions
  • Suggestions on missing UI components
  • Lots of other speciallities

Exibition stand design for CeBIT 2015

Just having spring to step in to Europe, one of the biggest and well know exibitions is taking place in Hannover Deutchland. Yes, this is CeBIT 2015. And some of Lithuanian companies are participating in the Expo. Please meet Baltic Car Equipment (BCE) in Hall 13, Stand B27.

Happy to design the artwork of the BCE stand.

Cebit BCE vizualizacija


Vaidas bicycles has got new website

Time flies. You do a website, then do extentions to it and support. But then business changes and sets the new goals. Also for the new website.

Vaidas bicycles

And so has been rebuild and renewed. I recommend these guys for excellent cycling gear but especially bike tours. Somewhere in the mountains. Breathing fresh air, admiring views and pumping your muscles.

Have to say, that re-branding has been done by the british designer. I did a web adaptation, custom webfont icons.


Full Power for UI design with Grunt

For a while some new tools has been available for front-end development. Grunt and Gulp task runners have to offer an automated help on development and design process by:

  • compiling Sass
  • linting and checking for CSS and JS errors
  • assembling and optimizing project package assets
  • combining and minifying scripts and stylesheets
  • building webfonts from svg files
  • viewing real-time changes when sculpting design or scaffolding application

GRUNT task runnerPerhaps of the .net magazine influence I’ve started using Grunt. Have to say – making it essential everyday tool takes an effort and time, but this really pays off. Take a look at the plugins available and think of your project’s tasks routine improvement.

My another advice – use grunt-newer to the watch task and you’ll get fast task processing. And the only Grunt disadvantage with speed will be solved.

Cyclis eshop is finished

Kind of a larger project has reached finish line. Meet Cyclis at

When building eshop we were after some market leaders –, But having N times smaller team, Cyclis strive to be flexible, noticeable and helpful for the UK and Lithuania customers.

The Cyclis project scope is mainly:

  • Prestashop setup with data migration and payment setup
  • Brand design
  • Individual Prestashop theme design

Wooden gift for personal event

Wooden gifts tell about the natural and warm feelings. Kids and their wooden toys is the picture of sweet childhood, cozy home atmosphere.

This is going to be a box for childhood memories for our child Benediktas. This is the sketch how it will look after laser burn.

wooden box with laser cut ornament

And there it is – finished! Nice box for holding memories. And we have some already inside.

Benediktas box for keeping childhood memories

Another webapp prototyping with Bootstrap

Yet another happy UI design hours spent with Bootstrap. This is another super packed framework for webapp design. I liked that plenty of UI elements, followed by Javascript for full control and customization. The documentation of the framework is done nicely. Just seconds afterwards my mind has imagined UI elements and how they would relate to each other and behave, I dive into documentation and get the right set of bits. Checking your design on small screen? Sure – the design is responsive.

I do admire this framework, because it looks like it has all you need to build an app, everything is well organized, as much as you’d like to go deep.


bootstrap1_responsive_lg-modal bootstrap1_responsive_xs

GPS surveilance webapp design prototype

As the time flies – so are technologies. Today webapp design is done with powerfull and time saving tools. We talk about platforms: ZURB Foundation and Bootstrap. Both platforms are to offer maturity that is measured by several versions. For our application we chose ZURB Foundation.

As it was promised by the all reviews within a week we had a responsive webapp prototype. The task was to find a framework for webapp to offer service via any web browser enabled device. Meaning – one code for smartphone, tablet, small desktop and wide desktop devices. I‘m happy to say that ZURB Foundation has fulfilled my expectations. Layout elements’ adaptation to screen was what we were looking for.

bce_webapp_desktop_version bce_webapp_smartphone_version

Logo and e-book design for MomentON

Moment on has meaning of driving power or strength for individuals in their life. Two experienced leaders shared their passion for coaching and multilevel marketing and have established MomentON.

momentON logoFirst they needed logo that had to express individual targets and their achievement. We’ve done that.

The other bigger thing was the book “NE FINANSINĖ PIRAMIDĖ
Kaip vystyti tinklinės rinkodaros verslą”. Since it was kind of empty and filled only with written experience I’ve drawn some simple illustrations.

Request your free copy at book is in Lithuanian).